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[ / meɪ / • / ˈdɛv ɪn / ]

May Devun’s soul-stirring voice holds listeners captive with an emotional dynamism publicly described as “sensual, intense, and potent" (Contact Music), and her distinctive songwriting traits fit it skintight. She binds evocative lyrics with thematic pop and R&B styles suspended over waves of industrial elements that stem from her roots as an acclaimed rock guitarist, altogether forging an experience that is said to beg the repeat-button.  Defined by major press outlets including Huffington Post, Music Crowns and Vents Magazine as “epic… honest… hypnotic… and necessary,” the Austin-based artist has established herself as the quintessential songstress with “the look, the feel, the presence and the vibe.” (Sexee Mag)

NoHo Arts District said of May Devun, “She sings with a range most would envy, and a really beautiful sense of the dramatic. ‘Say the Words’ is a deceptively simple song, but she gives it nuance and purpose and a kind of magic as she spirals through layer after layer of pain and emotion…In places, it's almost a James Bond theme. I can just see the video, all liquid and color and lots and lots of falling."

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